Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Must Watch! Appa Eodiga? (Dad, Where Are You Going?)

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Don't you tired of your KPop routine? No? Whoa, cool! Because I am. I'm so damn bored of KPop (maybe because I was stick with my job for the past 2 years). So bored that I skip skip skip all the updates from the fanbases (and crazy fans) I follow on Twitter. Still don't unfollow them, maybe soon! LOL.

Now instead of fangirling and spazzing about Bigbang KPop like I usually do, I only watch "Running Man". Until my office mate force me to watch this variety show called "Appa Eodiga" (Dad, Where Are You?). I said “no, later” but she insisted.

Turns out the variety show is hilariously good! I don't know about other variety/reality show since I only watch the mainstream (read: the one that everyone's watching) like Family Outing, Running Man, Hello Baby, We Got Married, etc. But Appa Eodiga is different.

Different because only one thing, the main cast is the children of famous people and their dad. Good idea, MBC. You got me!

The concept is the same like Family Outing, but the "family" is 5 dad with their children. 4 sons and 1 daughter, age range is from 9 to 6 years old. They spend a night in a village with all the limitation. Each dad-kid will sleep in halmeoni (grandmother) house. Exactly like Family Outing.

How will the dads do when they spend a night with their Seoul city-kids? With the old-traditional-dirty-shabby toilet? With the too hot mat heater or even no heater at all in winter? Without snack, toys, and handphone?

Every week, they do games with dad-kid as a team, then kids search for ingredients and the dads cook the dinner. Then they spend quality time, rest, and sleep together. Sometimes the kids cry because they miss their mom. :’3

Also it's interesting to see the kids is hilariously doing some random thing or say something like adult. Sometimes they "teach" their dad something we don't even think about. And don't forget the "love line" between the kids.

I'm on the 8th episode now and still watch it everyday. A must-watch show!

The cast with international age (plus one if you want Korean age). I take the photos from here. LOL. Too lazy to search myself. Thank you, rafaluvika! :p

1. Actor Song Dong Il (46) and Song Joon (7)
appa 2 photo appa22_zps56c43656.jpg
My favorite kids with all his maturity and cuteness. Seriously, with that face Joon can be an idol anytime! (or already!). And yes, the father is the father and uncle of many K-drama. He’s father of A Pink’s Eunji in “Reply 1997”.

2. Announcer Kim Song Joo (41) and Kim Min Guk (9)
appa 3 photo appa3_zpsc5d0134e.jpg
Oldest kids with annoying father. Min Guk is the oldest but such a crybaby. He cried in the first 4 episodes, duh. And the father is eerrr, you watch it yourself lah. My least fav dad-kid.

3. Actor Lee Jong Hyuk (39) and Lee Junsu (6)
appa 4 photo appa4_zpseb52bae7.jpg
Cute cute cute! With those cassanova “Gentleman’s Dignity” image, I love how I can see Jong Hyuk as a father. And Junsu is super cute. He can’t even read and love doing random things. He also ask a lot!

4. Soccer player Song Jong Kook (34) and Song Jia (6)
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The only girl and so cute with all pink and purple stuff. Her father love her so much and I love their bond. Can’t stop laughing on the moustache Jia episode. WATCH IT! It’s a command! LOL.

5. Singer Yoon Min Soo (33) and Yoon Hoo (7)
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Youngest father and funniest, loves to tease Hoo. And Hoo also a smart kid, care to his friens, loves to eat, and he eats a lot. Best dad-kid!


Download Appa Eodiga here. Or just find a friend who downloaded it already lah, so you don't need spend your time for download (just like me). XD

PS: Watch it with your boyfriend so they will appreciate the mother role you more. LOLOLOL

I heard that the subbing team get banned by MBC so we only can watch until episode 22 (or 23, forget :/) with eng sub. :( Learning Korean will take a long time so let's pray together that there will be new subbing team for Appa Eodiga! Yay!

Latest Update!
Shiareagy is back with their new private forum. So you can just fill the form here and wait for their invitation. I already have episode 22 and 23. SO HAPPY! Thank you so much Shiareagy! Heaven is waiting for you! 

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Bonus pic: JOON! cutie pie!